• Mr H

Wintersteel - Will Wight

Score: 10/10

Is this the perfect book?

It is if you've read the previous seven in the series, you love manga or video games and have a genuine craving to see bad guys get squashed.

Its all the more satisfying knowing the journey this team of misfits has been on since Unsouled. Particularly, our polite, withdrawn protagonist. Here he is starting to shed his previous self becoming slightly less polite, less withdrawn and a whole lot of scary... *evil laughs ensue*.

*clears throat*

And then there is my favourite character in fiction. The crown prince of mysteriousness himself, Eithan Arelius. I won't spoil it but the man is a god. I'm damn near convinced he is ex Abidan (hint hint).

There is more of everything in this book. More pages, more Monarchs, more fights, more date scenes...

Just buy it.