• Mr H

Iron Prince - Bryce O'Connor & Luke Chmilenko

Rating: 8/10

Are you looking for a hit to stave off the post Cradle blues? Then this might be the book for you.

The three word pitch, "Cradle goes sci-fi".

Given that its very much aimed at the progressive fantasy | lit RPG audience it contains many of the usual genre tropes and a few fantasy favourites:

- Weak protagonist who's willing to work hard to get stronger - check

- Academy setting - check

- Romance sub plot - check

- Enough book for three normal books - check

- So many beat downs you'll be asking yourself - "is that too many beat downs?" - Answer: No.

Despite the book length the story is extremely well paced and proves almost impossible to put down. The characters are all really likeable (minus one romantic subplot which was somewhat jarring) and the world feels really fleshed out.

This gets a really strong recommendation from me on both paper and audible. Enjoy.


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