• Mr H

Dune - Frank Herbert

Score: 7/10

This is an interesting one for me given that:

- I listened to this as an audio book,

- I took a couple weeks to finish it, and

- I was in the mood for something slower paced.

Dune is a Sci-Fi classic. Its also has the honour of being the best selling novel in the genre (I think).

The world building here is incredible but it's also very meticulous and detailed. In other words, there's a lot of detail here and it means the book is pretty slowly paced by modern standards.

Set in a desert world that I pictured as Mars (its not Mars). A noble household is thrust into political intrigue as it tries to adapt to its new home. Early on the prodigal son is identified as a messiah in waiting [now that I think about he must be one of the original Mary Sues]. Things predictably turn sour and many people | characters die and the story twists into a quasi revenge tale.

Its a hell of a book but its mileage may very depending on the mood your in.


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